Costa de la LUZ, beaches of Cadiz - Andalusia, Spain.

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Save the Cordoba Mosque:
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Salvemos la Mezquita de Córdoba · Por una Mezquita-Catedral de todos

The Catholic church in Spain has been exploiting to it's financial advantage the World Heritage Site of the Cordoba Mosque (Mezquita) for decades.

They now even pretend to turn this public site into church estate. They actually have already banned the term Mezquita (Mosque) to impose religious monopoly, while the Mezquita is actually one of the few great universal paradigms of harmony between cultures (main reason why it was declared World Heritage in the first place).

Public pressure is needed towards the government of Andalusia to keep this monument as public property instead of loosing it to private, christian dominion.
Save the Mezquita: please, sign the petition.


Pinar de Barbate nature park on the Costa de la Luz, Andalusia

Pinar de Barbate


Sierra de Grazalema nature park, Cadiz - Andalusia

Sierra Grazalema


El Chorro / Desfiladero de los Gaitanes natural area, Malaga - Andalusia

El Chorro


Torcal de Antequera natural park, Malaga - Andalusia

Torcal Antequera


Costa de la Luz, beaches of the province of Cadiz

Costa de la Luz


Costa del SOL, beaches of the province of Malaga

Costa del SOL


Costa Tropical, beaches of the province of Granada.

Costa Tropical




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WWF's ultimate goal is
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Costa de la Luz - Str�nde von Ca�os de Meca

Costa del LUZ - Andalusia, Spain.
the beaches of the province of Cadiz

Costa de la Luz, the beaches of the province of Cadiz - Andalusia, Spain. Costa de la Luz, die Strände von Cadiz Provinz - Andalusien, Spanien. Costa della Luce, le spiagge della provincia di Cadice - Andalsuia, Spagna. Costa de la luz, de stranden van de provincie Cadiz - Andalusië, Spanje. Costa de la Luz, las playas de la provincia de Cádiz - Andalucía, España.

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La Costa de la Luz is the atlantic part of the southern spanish coast and beaches, in the provinces of Huelva and Cadiz. Located between the famous Costa del SOL on the Mediterranean and the Algarve coast in Portugal, it was also known as the "forgotten coast".


Costa de la luz - Cadiz, Spain

The beach of Los Caños de Meca

Costa de la Luz in the province of Cadiz.


Now it is a growing destination for people that not only want to enjoy sun and beach but have a taste of unspoiled nature and culture too. Most of its kilometric beaches are still rather natural, reasonably uncorrupted, not extremely massified and with hardly any concrete skylines that damage the beautiful natural environments and the views.


Alcantilado y pinar de Barbate: der Naturpark an der Costa de la Luz zwischen Ca�os de Meca und Barbate

Acantilado y pinar de Barbate: the small nature park of the Costa de la Luz between los Caños de Meca and Barbate.


Beach is nature!

On the Costa de la Luz you are reminded that beaches are actually a part of nature and not some kind of extension of an urban agglomeration. And you can still taste the authentic andalusian atmosphere in its many small and pitoresque towns.



Towns on the Costa de la Luz
in the province of Cadiz

North-west to south east:


Sanlucar de Barrameda

Sanlucar de Barrameda has 7 km. of beaches of exceptional quality surrounded by pine forests, marshes and fertile countryside. Furthermore its a place overflowing with history and tradition, like the production of its exclusive Manzanilla variety of the world famous Sherry wines, or the horse races on the beach.

Its location at the estuary of the Guadalquivir river and the only port of access to the National Park of Doñana makes Sanlucar one of the most privileged places on the Costa de la Luz.



Chipiona's lighthouse on the Punta del Perro is the highest in Spain and third highest worldwide. It welcomes visitors and offers a relief to mariners. The name Chipiona comes in fact from the lighthouse, as the Romans gave the name “Turris Caepionis” to its first basic construction. The cute small town, which was a rural and seafaring spa in the 19th century, is one of the most popular resorts on the Costa de la Luz for today’s visitors offering some 12 km. of splendid beaches.


El Puerto de Santa María

El Puerto on the Costa de la Luz is located on a section of the Atlantic coast where the pinewoods, growing among marshes, reach right down to the sand of the beach. It's an ideal destination to enjoy the sun, the sea, outdoor sports and good food.


Cadiz city

The beach of Cádiz is very large, nice and well kept. It offers the possibility to choose between the more popular part next to the city itself or the more quiet part just outside the boundaries of the city limits.


Conil de la Frontera

In Conil you can find 14 kms of very varied beaches: from long sandy spots to lonely coves very appropriate for the nudism. Fine and golden sand and transparent and crystalline water. Ideal for the practice of nautical sports.


Caños de Meca, Zahora and El Palmar beaches

The beaches of los Caños de Meca are an example of the natural and savage beauty of Cadiz.

Kilometric beach where you can enjoy a great tranquillity only altered by the wind of the zone, ideal to practice the Wind-Surf and Surf.


Zahara de los Atunes

Zahara de los Atunes is another of the marvelous and relatively virginal beaches of Cádiz.



Bolonia is a beach that has very little construction done, but the ruins of Baelo Claudia show that the romans already liked this place.



The southern-most city of Europe offers 38 km of golden and fine sand beaches, and transparent waters, ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing.




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Jerez/Costa de la Luz airport (XRY) Jerez/Costa de la Luz airport (XRY)


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Unspoiled beaches in danger!

Although the main reason to visit the beaches of Costa de la Luz would be specifically their unspoiled character, unfortunately several of them are now being threatened with the construction of the typical massive tourist centers, like la playa del Palmar near Los Caños de Meca or Valdevaqueros near Bolonia.



@sevillaonline we think that signatures of foreigners (possible future tourists) will have extra impact on the local authorities, so feel free to sign if you want to help save Valdevaqueros, or, for that matter, unspoiled nature in general. Gracias :)




Costa de la Luz - Andalusia, Spain.

Costa de la Luz - Andalusia, Spain



Towns on the Costa de la Luz in Cadiz province,

from north-west to south-east:




Costa de la Luz, Andalusia

Beach bar on the Costa de la Luz, Andalusia



Other beaches in Andalusia

Costa del SOL - Malaga

Costa Tropical - Granada

Costa de Almería





Photos of the province of Cadiz - Andalusia, Spain.

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