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Public pressure is needed towards the government of Andalusia to keep this monument as public property instead of loosing it to private, christian dominion.
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Pinar de Barbate nature park on the Costa de la Luz, Andalusia

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Sierra de Grazalema nature park, Cadiz - Andalusia

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El Chorro / Desfiladero de los Gaitanes natural area, Malaga - Andalusia

El Chorro


Torcal de Antequera natural park, Malaga - Andalusia

Torcal Antequera


Costa de la Luz, beaches of the province of Cadiz

Costa de la Luz


Costa del SOL, beaches of the province of Malaga

Costa del SOL


Costa Tropical, beaches of the province of Granada.

Costa Tropical




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Malaga/Costa del SOL - Pablo Ruiz Picasso airport (AGP) - Andalusia, Spain

Malaga/Costa del SOL airport (AGP)

Malaga/Costa del Sol Airport Pablo Ruiz Picasso (AGP) - Andalusia, Spain Flughafen Malaga/Costa del Sol (AGP) - Andalusien, Spanien. Aeroporto Malaga/Costa del Sol (AGP) - Andalusia, Spagna Vliegveld Malaga/Costa del Sol (AGP) Aeropuerto Sevilla San Pablo (SVQ)


Airport dates

Address: Avenida García Morato, s/n 
29004 - Malaga, Spain

Airport phone: +34 952 048 484

Malaga Airport Code: AGP 


Real-time flight info Malaga Airport AGP

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Malaga/Costa del SOL - Pablo Ruiz Picasso airport (AGP) - Andalusia, Spain

Malaga/Costa del SOL - Pablo Ruiz Picasso airport



Malaga Airport (AGP) is located at 8 km. southwest of Malaga city and about 5 kilometres north from Torremolinos, on the A7 coast road of the Costa del SOL in the south of Spain. Each year millions of people arrive with numerous flights from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Malaga airport has grown over the years and further expansion is planned, 

in response the continuously increasing number of flights and travellers. In fact, a lot of work is going on at the airport.


Málaga Airport is the main international airport of Andalucia accounting for 85 percent of its international traffic and is the only one offering a wide variety of international destinations. The airport, connected to the Costa Del Sol, has a daily link with twenty cities in Spain and over one hundred cities in Europe. Direct flights also operate to Africa, the Middle East and North America. In 2009 Málaga was the 33rd busiest airport in Europe.



Local connections from Malaga Airport

By car

Access to the airport from Malaga city is made by the A7 road towards Algeciras. Take exit 235 towards Torremolinos to connect with the MA-21 and access the airport.

Car rental service providers at the airport: AurigaCrown - Autos Lido - Avis - Europcar - Goldcar Europa - Hertz - National Atesa - Record - Sixt - Sol-Mar 

Rent a car at Malaga Airport >>>


Malaga Airport Train Service

There is a half hour train service to Malaga City and Fuengirola from the station just in front of the main terminal.

Stops: Opposite T2.

Timetable: Consult the times and fares at the Renfe website

Customer assistance: 952 128 267

General information and bookings telephone number: 902 240 202

Malaga Airport Buses
There is a half hour Airport Bus from outside the Terminal Two arrivals hall to Malaga city centre. There is a 45 minute Airport Coach Service (90 minute in Winter) from outside the Terminal Two arrivals hall non stop to Marbella Bus Station.


A Express Airport (Line 75)

  • Itinerary Malaga city-Airport:
    Paseo del Parque (Plaza del General Torrijos)-Alameda Principal-Avenida Andalucía-Héroe de Sostoa --Héroe de Sostoa (María Zambrano railway station)-, Avenida de Velázquez (level with Puerta Blanca)-Airport.
  • Stops: Terminal 3, arrivals forecourt road, opposite the transportation hub.
  • Timetable: Timetable and prices can be found at Empresa Malagueña de Transportes website
  • Information telephone: +39 902 527 200

Malaga city-Airport (Line 19)

  • Itinerary Malaga city-Airport:
    Paseo del Parque (Plaza del General Torrijos)-Paseo del Parque (Town Hall)-Paseo del Parque (Plaza de la Marina)-Alameda Principal-Avda. Andalucía (post office)-Callejones del Perchel (market)-Bus Station-Héroe de Sosota (6 stops)- Avda.Velázquez (9 stops)- Avda. Comandante García Morato (roundabout)-T2 departures- Avda. Comandante García Morato-Cargo Terminal.
  • Itinerary Airport-Malaga city
    Cargo Terminal- T1 (arrivals)-Airport (administrative services)- Avda. Comandante García Morato (Flying Club)-Avda. Comandante García Morato (San Miguel)-San Julián (airport crossroads)- Avda. Velázquez (10 stops)-Avda. de la Paloma-la Hoz-Ayala-Explanada of the station (railway station)-Bus Station-Callejones del Perchel (market)-Avda. Andalucía-Alameda principal-Paseo del Parque (Plaza de la Marina)-Paseo del Parque (Town Hall).
  • Stops: Terminal 3, arrivals forecourt road, opposite the transportation hub.
  • Timetable: Timetable and prices can be found at Empresa Malagueña de Transportes website
  • Information telephone: +39 902 527 20

Malaga-Santa Amalia line (Alhaurin de la Torre)

Marbella-Airport line

  • Itinerary: Marbella Bus Station (Avenida del Trapiche s/n)-Airport.
  • Stops: Terminal 3, arrivals forecourt road, opposite the transportation hub.
  • Timetable: Timetable and prices can be found at
  • Information telephone: 902 143 144

Malaga Airport Taxis
There are always plenty of Taxi's waiting for passengers at Malaga Airport.

Stops: Arrivals roadway.


  • Rate 1* (weekdays from 06:00 to 22:00): per kilometre €0.84; waiting time per hour €18.47; minimum service starting at the airport €15.21.
  • Rate 2* (weekdays from 22:00 to 06:00, Saturdays and holidays): per kilometre €1.03; waiting time per hour €23.09; minimum service starting at the airport €19.01.
  • Supplement* to/from airport: €5.50; night-time (0:00 to 6:00), €2; origin/destination Levante port, €1; packages or suitcases larger than 60 cm, €0.45. During the August Festival and Holy Week, rate 2 will be applied.


More information on the web pages Unitaxi and Taxi Unión

Telephone Radiotaxi: 952 040 804

Telephone Unitaxi: 952 333 333



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Routes and distances from Malaga Airport

From Malaga airport you are close to numerous popular holiday destinations in the region of Andalusia, the south of Spain.

(you see the route on a map by clicking the distance - xx km)

Destinations along the coast to the west 
West from Malaga Airport you find well known towns of the Costa del SOL

Further to the west you enter the province of Cádiz - Costa de la Luz

Destinations along the coast to the east
At 8 km. to the east of the airport you find Málaga city and the eastern part of the Costa del SOL that runs up to the city of Nerja. - 69,4 km

After that you reach the province of Granada and the Costa Tropical with nice towns like:


Inland destinations 
Closest is the cute and popular town of Ronda (109 km) in the mountains to the west of Malaga city. Somewhat further away you find Granada (142 km) and a bit further still the cities of Cordoba (168 km) and Seville (217 km).


Traveling from Málaga by car takes you through the beautiful landscapes of the "Serranía de Ronda" to the west or the "Montes de Malaga" to the north that make the journey unforgettable.



Costa del SOL, one of the beaches of Malaga

Main destination of Malaga airport: Costa del Sol


Towns at the Costa del Sol from West to East:

(town - link to hotel listing)


Marbella - Costa del SOL

Marbella - Costa del SOL



Other beaches in Andalusia


Airports in Andalusia




Die Str�nde am Costa del SOL, Malaga - Andalusien, Spanien.


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