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Monuments in Seville, Spain

Monuments in Seville - Andalusia, Spain. Sehenswürdigkeiten in Sevilla - Andalusien, Spanien. Monumenti a Siviglia - Andalusia, Spagna. Les monuments de Séville - Andalousie Monumenten en bezienswaardigheden in Sevilla - Andalusië, Spanje. Monumentos, Sevilla - Andalucía, España.


The most important monuments of Seville are:

all declared World Heritage by UNESCO.


On the map you see the location of these and other important monuments in Seville city center.

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For better orientation you can check the full Seville city map for hotels, main monuments, airport and bus & trainstations.


Gardens of the Royal Alcazar in Seville, Spain.



Main districts in Seville:

Alameda - Arenal - Macarena - Santa Cruz - Triana


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Map of Seville city center

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List of the main monuments in Seville, Spain

The Giralda tower, Sevilla - Seville, Spain.Giralda tower

The Giralda is the most emblematic monument of Seville. This Minaret was constructed by the Moores between 1184 and 1197 and reaches a height of 76 metres. After the reconquest the christians added a bell tower to the minaret in 1568.

Plaza de España (the spanish square) Seville, Spain.The spanish square - Plaza de España

It was built especially for the Latin American exposition in 1929 with polychromatic ceramic tiles. The semicircular plaza is 200 metres wide and is flanked by two spectacular towers and a bordering lake.

The Seville CathedralThe Seville Cathedral

The Cathedral in Seville is the worlds biggest gothic temple and the third largest Christian cathedral after Saint Peter in the Vatican city and St. Pauls in London.

The gold tower, monuments in Seville.The gold tower - La torre de oro

The Gold Tower, built between 1221 and 1222, was one of the last contributions from the Almohade period in Seville. It was part of the last wall of defence that ran across the Alcazar to the river.

The royal Alcazar palace, Seville.Alcázar palace - Los Reales Alcázares

This is definitly one of the most impressive monuments of Seville and you should not miss it. Abd Al Ramn III ordered the construction of the Alcazar in 913. It was a fortified palace which later became the residence of various monarchs.

Pilate's house, monuments in Seville.Pilates house

This particular style of architecture was inspired by the Poncio Pilate in Jerusalem. The palace was first constructed by the first marquis of Tarifa in 1518, after he returned from an inspirational two-year journey through Europe and the Holy Land.


Archive of the indies, Sevilla - Seville, SpainThe archives of the indies

Constructed for commercial trade in the 16th century it later became the headquarters for the General Archives of the Indies which housed all references to Spain and her colonies between the 15th and 19th centuries.

Lebrija palace - monuments in Seville.The Lebrija palace

Built in the 16th century and subsequently remodelled in the 19th century, the Lebrija Palace is not just a monument to a particular age or artistic style; its interior is branded with the life of the lady who once owned it: the Countess of Lebrija.

La Real Maestranza bullring

Taking more than a century to build, La Real Maestranza of Seville, is one of the most significant bullrings in the history of bullfighting. It is also one of the oldest and most beautiful.

The Macarena Arch and basilique

The arch of Macarena is set in a framework of pillars and finished off with urns. The present arch was constructed in the 19th century, but it already existed in the 2nd century.



Photos of the province of Seville - Andalusia, Spain.
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