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La Giralda, Seville - Andalusia, Spain.

Giralda Tower - Seville, Spain

The Giralda tower of Seville - in English Der Giralda Turm Sevillas - auf Deutsch La Giralda di Siviglia -  in Italiano La Giralda de Séville - en Français De Giraldatoren van Sevilla - in het Nederlands La Giralda de Sevilla - en Español


The Giralda is the most emblematic monument of Seville.


Close up of the bell tower of the Giralda in Seville, Spain.

The giralda is the most emblematic monument of Seville



The Giralda tower was originally a Minaret, constructed by the Moors between 1184 and 1197 up to 76 m. in height. After the reconquest in 1568 the Christians fitted the minaret with the bell tower, reaching a total height of almost 100 m.



Seville's Giralda Tower

The current appearance of a belfry was designed in the 16C by the Cordovan architect Hernn Ruiz, who added the bell chamber and four upper rooms each with their own balconies. A statue symbolising faith stands at the top of the tower and acts as a weathervane, whose nickname Giraldillo also gives its name to the tower.



Giralda Tower in SevilleThe Giralda Tower of Sevilla by nightThe Giraldillo





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Giralda tower in Seville
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A masterpiece of Almohad art

The subtle, delicate decoration exemplifies perfectly the principles of the Almohad religious movement. It is rigorous, austere and against all forms of luxury. This was the origin of an artistic trend that linked beauty with simplicity.

The Giralda Tower of Sevilla and the Kutubiyya of MarrakechThe Koutoubia tower in Marrakesh, built just before the Giralda tower, served as a model for the latter. Each one of its four sides is divided into three vertical sections decorated in sebka brick. This pattern, when repeated, forms a network of diamond shaped multileaved arcs.

View from the top of La Giralda Tower


You can climb the 70m bell chamber up a 34 story ramp with a slope that decreases toward the top to facilitate easy climbing.

Take your time and enjoy the views of the orange trees in the courtyard, the gargoyles, the pinnacles of the cathedral and the Alczar. Once there you will be rewarded for your hard efforts as the panoramic view over the town is superb.



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